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This section of the Meat Messaging website provides technical information on how Meat Messaging works as well as general information and support tools.

What is the "Meat Message" system and who can use it?

The "Meat Messaging" system is based on the GS1 standards for numbering and barcoding of meat products and the GS1 EANCOM electronic message standards. Refer to the GS1 organisation in your country for details on the GS1 standards.

The "Meat Messaging" system is an online tool for the creation, sending, receiving, attestation statements and compliance declaration of meat products (carton, carcases, carcase portions, pallets, bulk packs and containers) GS1 EANCOM messages. These messages assist regulatory authorities with the authenticity, verification and traceability of meat products. The GS1 barcoding standards and GS1 EANCOM electronic message standards do not replace existing regulatory requirements, they assist and supplement these requirements.

For more details on regulations on export eligibility and requirement for export contact the relevant government representatives in your country.

About Meat Messaging
1 Webinar PPT AMPC Webinar: Meat Messaging - What is it and what does it mean for your company? March 2021
2 Webinar PPT NAMI Optimize Red Meat Import Process From Australia Through Barcodes Webinar July 2020
3 PPT PDF Meat Messaging US training workshops September 2018
4 PPT PDF Meat Messaging presentation to the UNECE Symposium on the 2 July 2018
5 PPT Meat Messaging training presentation
6 PDF Meat Messaging Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
7 PDF Meat Messaging Secuirty Policy and Practices

Industry Circulars
PDF Industry Circular 1: About Meat Messaging (Jan 2021)
PDF Industry Circular 2: US Import Refusals Ranking of Australian Establishments (Feb 2021)
PDF Industry Circular 3: Meat Messaging app for Searching Cartons (March 2021)
PDF Industry Circular 4: NAMI Meat Messaging Webinar (March 2021)
PDF Industry Circular 5: What information does Meat Messaging hold and is it secure? (April 2021)
PDF Industry Circular 6: Update on the Meat Messaging pilot (May 2021)
PDF Industry Circular 7: Now that you are using Meat Messaging, what should you do? (June 2021)
PDF Industry Circular 8: How Meat Messaging can be used in lieu of shipping marks (June 2021)
PDF Industry Circular 9: How Meat Messaging Can reduce Labour Costs through palletising (June 2021)
PDF Industry Circular 10: How to use Meat Messaging as an Non Packer Exporter (July 2021)
PDF Industry Circular 11: How Meat Messaging Can Improve the Re-Certification Process (August 2021)
PDF Industry Circular 12: Meat Messaging Passes the 20 Million Carton Mark (September 2021)
PDF Industry Circular 13: The Cessation of Manual Remarking is Now 80 Days Away (September 2021)
PDF Industry Circular 16: Meat Messaging Training Bites Outline (October 2021)
Pallet Pilot
1 View View Palletising Image Guide
2 WORD PDF Meat Industry Pallet Pilot Participant Questionnaire
3 WORD PDF Meat Industry Pallet Pilot Carton and Pallet Size Form
4 View Pilot Timeline
5 PDF Meat Messaging Pallet Pilot Summary (20210408)
General Information
1 FAQs Look through the FAQs
2 PDF FSIS Directive 9900.5, Section VII, E.Procedures for Correcting Shipping Marks when Using Barcodes for the use of the industry portal for carton/carcase verification.
3 PDF Meat Notice 2021-02 - Electronic Meat Transfer Certificates (eMTC)
4 PDF USA: Cessation of manual remarking services
5 PDF Meat Messaging Overview
6 AUS US Meat Messaging Industry Value Overview (1 page PDF) - Outlines value to industry, problems fixed, industry portal and what users need to do
7 PDF Meat Messaging Implementation Guide Issue date 9th February 2021
8 WORD Meat Messaging Label Test Request Form
9 AUS US Meat Messaging carton size and pallet size information request Form - Australia Word Version - US Word Version
10 PDF PPT Meat Messaging power point training (PDF and PowerPoint)
11 PDF QA Monitoring SOP
12 PDF Missing Shipping Mark Protocol
13 PDF Export Messages diagram
14 PDF Simple instructions for searching Meat Messaging for carton with a damaged of missing shipping mark
15 PDF Meat Messaging General Instructions Flowchart
Support Request
1 Open Send a Support Request
Technical Details
1 Open Meat Messaging Data Fields Specification for JSON payload upload and example JSON payload
2 PDF Example Pallet Label with conventional Shipping Mark
3 PDF Example Pallet Label with no Shipping Mark
4 PDF Technical Details on the "Meat Message" - Export Messages
5 Open Search using Digital Link
6 View Search API
7 View Data upload API
Standard Meat Industry Carton/Case labels
1 PDF Download the PDF about information on meat industry carcase ticketing/ GS1 bar codes
2 PDF Download the PDF about information on meat industry carton/ case labels/ GS1 bar codes
3 Label tool Online interactive label tool
How to documents
1 PDF How to insert a health certificate number as a Non Packer Exporter
2 PDF How to view and download your U.S Rejection List
3 PDF QA Monitoring Pre Message Instructions
4 PDF Completing the Attestation on a Consignment
5 PDF Using the Meat Messaging Mobile App to Find a Consignment
6 PDF Using the Meat Messaging Website to Find a Consignment
7 PDF How to Conduct Company and User Maintenance in Meat Messaging